The Lacebark Pine is certainly a beautiful
tree, if you have some patience!  It’s growth
rate is particularly slow in our area, rarely
growing more than 6”-8” a year…if that.  It is,
however, worth the wait if you want an
evergreen specimen with great character.  
Early in life it is rather full and pyramidal in
shape, having a somewhat “Christmas tree”
like appearance.  As the trunk and branches
get some size to them, the show begins!  In
time, the older limbs and trunk start to
exfoliate similar to the London Plane tree
(Sycamore).  The brownish outer bark is
underscored with a smoother bark of light
green, silver, and purplish/red, offering a
remarkable contrast.  Also, as the tree
matures, the interior opens up some to show
off the unique bark.  This tree is certainly not
for everyone, but makes a nice tree to
decorate for Christmas when it’s young, and
will offer growing interest throughout it’s life.  
If you can find a specimen with the trunk (or
limbs) nearing two inches in diameter, you
won’t have to wait long for the bark to start
showing off.  The needles are 2”-3” in length
and are “bundled” in groups of 3.

Height/Width:  30'+'/20'+
Site Preference:  Full sun, well drained
Fall Color:  NA
Uses:  Specimen
Special Features:  Bark, limb structure
with age

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